Pride Run 2022 Beneficiaries

We have chosen two beneficiaries for Pride Run 2022:

1. Outwords: OUTWORDS captures, preserves, and shares the stories of LGBTQ+ elders, to build community and catalyze social change.
Click HERE for Outwords
2. ProjectQ Salon & Community Center: ProjectQ is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded by Madin Ray Lopez. Our organization helps LGBTQIA+ youth navigate a world that perpetually tries to diminish them. Our mission is to use hair and self-empowerment as a form of social justice. ProjectQ provides free gender affirming haircuts, self empowering workshops, food & hygiene boxes, gender affirming clothing, chest binders, menstrual products, and so much more to LGBTQIA+ youth experiencing homelessness.
Click HERE for ProjectQ